Tricky Presents Skilled Mechanics

Project: Tricky Presents Skilled Mechanics
Client: False Idols / !K7
Date: January 22nd 2016
Status: Active

UK Campaign
Contact: Tom Hewitt-Jones


Tricky embraces change. He keeps on moving; keeps on switching up a gear; keeps on mutating… keeps on evolving. It’s what keeps him vital as an artist.

After moving to Berlin early this Spring, he immediately started work on a new musical project called Skilled Mechanics. In his trademark husky West Country burr, the Bristol born musician, producer and rapper explains where the name came from: “It’s from a documentary about espionage. There was an ex-C.I.A. agent on this programme speaking about assassins who were sent abroad by the US to start revolutions and topple governments. He called them ‘skilled mechanics’. I thought that was a great name for someone who was a killer basically. The name was so dark and cynical it just stuck with me.”

Skilled Mechanics is the statement of a true original British talent – one who will never coast on his former achievements and will always keep on changing and adapting to face the future.