Tricky – “False Idols”

Project: Tricky – “False Idols”
Client: False Idols / !K7 Records
Date: May 23rd 2013
Status: Archived

Artist Album
International Campaign (Exc. US, France & Germany)
Contact: Neil Bainbridge


“This new album I’ll stand behind every track. I don’t care whether people like it. I’m doing what I want to do, which is what I did with my first record. That’s what made me who I was in the beginning. If people don’t like it, it don’t matter to me because I’m back where I was.” Tricky

Trip-hop pioneer Tricky returned with a new album. False Idols featuring vocals from the Antlers’ Peter Silberman (on the track “Parenthesis”, which is a reworking of the Antlers track “Parentheses”), Fifi Rong, and Nneka, among others. The follow-up to 2010’s Mixed Race was released on his new label False Idols (an imprint of !K7).

What press had to say…

“False Idols is a sterling return to the form of Maxinquaye, full of sinister, infectious grooves of strings and sparse piano lines with his trademark mumble hiding behind the soulful lead vocals of female frontpersons… throughout, there’s a fresh impetus to Tricky’s musical muse that enables his dark imaginings to connect again with beautiful simplicity…” Independent
“Tricky’s 10th album is a welcome return to the menacing sound of Maxinquaye. ‘I’m Ready’, on which that familiar sprechgesang delivery is somehow both metronomic and distended, is exemplary, but the whole record – dosed with menace – sounds hungry.” Guardian 
“It’s fantastic, filled with enough smoky seduction and downtempo grooves to fuel ’90s-themed key parties. Come to think of it, it should satisfy old-school Massive Attack fans more than the last couple of Massive Attack LPs…” Time Out  
“Some 18 years after his astonishing debut album Maxinquaye, Tricky has come close to making Maxinquaye II” MOJO
“It’s the haunting, beat-driven atmospherics that ultimately make the songs memorable (or not), and throughout this new record the textured dynamics of these songs pulse with a clean, modern inventiveness, while also echoing the moody tones of his best work” The Line Of Best Fit
“a fleshy and nasally return to form..” Clash 
“A return to a winning formula, if not an emphatic return to form…” UNCUT
“False Idols is vintage Tricky, which means it could slot in at around 1997–the melodies are spare, the beats spacey, the vibe dark” Rolling Stone