Ripperton – “A Little Part Of Shade”

Project: Ripperton – “A Little Part of Shade”
Client: Green
Date: June 24th 2013
Status: Archived

International Campaign
Contact: Neil Bainbridge


Swiss producer Ripperton’s album, “a little part of shade” released via Joris Voorn and Edwin Oosterwal’s Amsterdam based label, Green.

“a little part of shade is about the part of shade that everyone has. it’s about the private garden; it’s quite the opposite of niwa. it’s an inside garden. it can be bright or dark or in the middle. it can destroy or help you…”

What the press had to say…

“His melodic, deep contributions to techno and house are considered and creative, yet also have a warm, soulful quality to them.” Clash Read
“almost out of nowhere, an artist or an album reminds you how awesome the scene can be. Ripperton is one of those artists.” Magnetic Mag Read
“A Little Part Of Shade is a journey below the surface, a return to substance and authenticity, a tribute to the friendship.” Groove Read
“Ripperton has been steadily building himself a strong reputation for high quality electronic music for quite some time now” The Independent Read
“a beautifully introverted and mellow affair.” Ibiza Voice Read
“deep, highly involved work…” Blues & Soul Read