Pan-Pot – “The Other”

Project: Pan-Pot – “The Other”
Client: Second State
Date: September 25th 2015
Status: Active

International Campaign
Contact: Tom Hewitt-Jones


After nearly eight years since their euphoric debut long player ‘Panorama’, stratospheric goals have been achieved in the worlds of Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix commonly known as Pan-Pot. Relationships bloomed and wilted, adventures were embraced, a label was conceived… All this whilst cultivating one of the heaviest and consistent tour schedules of any present-day artist. By no means was it due to lack of time or ideas that resulted in the distance between studio albums, but rather a carefully calculated unfolding of moments to conceive and construct their brand new, highly anticipated second studio album; ‘The Other’.

Through all this Pan-Pot have created a body of work perfectly displaying their growth as not only artists and individuals, but as a cohesive unit forged into one single, astute mind.