Idriss D – “Amalgamation”

Project: Idriss D – “Amalgamation”
Client: Memento
Date: December 18th 2015
Status: Active

International Campaign
Contact: Tom Hewitt-Jones


After more than 10 years at the forefront of Italian dance music and a string of successful EPs to his name, Idriss D is set to release his debut album. Conceived, at first, as a succession of singles for his “Dib 00” series (the first two being Constantine and Alger), the project then became more of a focused selection of dance floor tracks, carefully curated and produced by Idriss, drawing influences from the very heart of the night club.

The title “Amalgamation” comes from the desire to bring together his life experiences over the last few years this time exclusively concentrating on the musical and managerial aspects of his career – creating an authoritative voice on the sound of Italy’s clubbing landscape.