Dusty Kid – “Not So Green Fields”

Project: Dusty Kid – “Not So Green Fields”
Client: Isolade / Kompakt
Date: September 4th 2015
Status: Active

International Campaign
Contact: Tom Hewitt-Jones


After 2 years from the release of “III”, Dusty Kid is back with the new album that astonishes the audience once more for the change of direction.

Every album by Dusty Kid is a journey and “Not So Green Fields” is, beyond doubt, his most magical, real, human and mature one. Yes, Dusty Kid has grown up but still able to surprise, reinvent himself and move the hearts of his audience. This journey is in fact surprising for the production and continuity of the tracks that, though extremely different from one another, share the same common denominator: the heart. He claims he has poured it completely this time, and one can hear it. One of the reasons being that, for this record, he has found his muse in his beloved island, Sardegna. And this, one can hear it too! The record is incredibly colorful, every track is a small universe on its own that enters your heart sometimes forcefully sometimes sweetly, but that always hits the spot. This is a work that is a true movie where all of the tracks live organically with one another to create a fantastical, touristic, romance-like and moving plot.