DJ Kicks: Maya Jane Coles

Project: DJ Kicks: Maya Jane Coles
Client: !K7 Records
Date: April 16th 2012
Status: Archived

International Campaign
Contact: Neil Bainbridge


Fast forward seven years and Coles has become house music’s hottest new property. Listening to her DJ-Kicks mix, it’s not hard to see why. It opens with the muted synth chords and broken post-garage beats of ‘Loqux & Past’ by Deft, gradually acquiring more rhythmic weight care of tracks such as ‘In My Cocoon’ by Bozwell, a moody throb of glassy sounding electronics, wispy vocals and globular bass, and Coles’s own ‘Not Listening’, a driving cut built on a pounding yet melodic groove and exclusive to this DJ-Kicks mix. It’s another Coles exclusive, ‘Meant To Be’, this time in her Nocturnal Sunshine guise, that marks the transition to a more shuffle-y, two-step-influenced passage. The word journey is often used to describe DJ sets — too often, perhaps — but it applies in this case, and on a grand scale.

What press had to say…

“one of the UK’s most intriguing young DJs at the peak of her powers, a well-timed snapshot of a burgeoning big name” Resident Advisor Read
“a rippling continuum extending all the way to dubstep’s edge.” SPIN Read
“Maya Jane Coles Is In A Class of Her Own.” MTV IGGY Read