Catz ‘N Dogz – “Basic Colour Theory”

Project: Catz ‘N Dogz – “Basic Colour Theory”
Client: Pets Recordings
Date: October 9th 2015
Status: Active  – Press Area

International Campaign
Contact: Tom Hewitt-Jones


Colour; such a pervasive part of everything we visually encounter, and its many theories a logical structure that for many artists, designers and music producers becomes an intuitive choice – a melting pot of ideas and influences in varying quantities. Evoking particular moods and emotions through choice of palette in design and sound architecture.

In this full length offering, traditional songwriting meets Catz ‘N Dogz signature infectious basslines; a natural result of extensive sonic exploration and the osmotic process of years of DJing worldwide, all the while developing a deeper understanding of what they want to say through their music.

“It’s our third album and we did a lot of research, preparation, reading, watching documentaries about the music scene, people and looking for inspirations everywhere. We were talking a lot about people who inspire us, art, creative process, philosophy and meaning of work and music in our life..”