Here at Neighbourhood we don’t just send out press releases. We don’t just paper over the cracks..

Which means we won’t just say what you want to hear. But that’s why our clients work with us and trust us in representation. We dig deep and offer in-depth, realistic PR advice on your goals and how to achieve them. In fact, we won’t take a brief until we’ve understood exactly what needs to be achieved.

That brief could take many forms, from helping you understand where gaps exist in your artists communications approach to teasing out key messages, looking at your long-term goals, to make sure both are aligned. We don’t operate a one-size-fits-all approach or any off the shelf PR packages. We might promote a single project or we might work with you for 15 years. What matters is that our strategy for each and every artist or label is bespoke.

As an international PR company Neighbourhood offers the services that you would expect: we’re expert at writing press releases, getting them to the right audiences and procuring quality coverage both national and international.

Neighbourhood delivers consultancy and media strategies for a diverse selection of clients across the Music, LifestyleArt and Event sectors to create unique brand partnerships and communications.

We have provided media representation to all areas of the music industry from independents !K7, Cr2 and Fabric to major labels Sony Music, Kobalt , Warner and Universal Music.

As part of the NBHD Group we’ve an excellent network of writers, tastemaker’s, partners and photographers. It might mean assessing your media approach or building an artists profile through positioning them as an authority and influencer in their field. Our role goes much further than you might think, but for our clients we’re a trusted sounding board that delivers results.

Headed by Director of Publicity Neil Bainbridge, Associate Partner Toni Tambourine and currently a small team of five publicists over the last few years they have lead successful campaigns securing coverage in almost every major publication including Billboard, BBC, The New York Times, National Geographic, Vogue and Vice with countless cover stories.

Guardian to Groove, quality is key.

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